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Regulations and standards (to ТР ТС ТС 021/2011)

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KMS 1006:2012
Canned watermelons. Specifications
KMS 1018:2006
Peanut sandwich paste. Technical conditions
KMS 1020:2014
Soft drinks, coupage syrups and bottled table water of the company "Coca Cola". General specifications
KMS 1027:2006
Talkan. General technical conditions
KMS 1039:2014
Vegetable seasonings. Technical conditions
KMS 1067:2007
Beverages national "Bozo Shoro. Technical conditions
KMS 1103:2007
Food product "Natural honey with royal jelly of bees. Technical conditions
KMS 1159:2009
Nuts, oilseeds and pulses and cereal grains packaged. General technical conditions
KMS 1161:2009
Bread potato chips. General technical specifications
KMS 1207:2017
Confectionery products. Hazelnut paste and cream. General specifications
KMS 1216:2011
Soybean product "Asparagus" (Fuju). Specifications
KMS 1217:2011
Confectionery glaze. Technical conditions
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