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We have access to virtually any technical requirements, codes and norms related to Import and Export, Construction, Oil and Gas, Operation, Railway, Safety, Environment Protection and other activities. An example would be KMS, GOST, SNiP, PPB, NPB, SanPiN, TR TS, SP 13330, SP 13130, and many more. 
We have a complete set of requirements for Import and Export of Food, Equipment, Machinery, vehicles, Trucks and other Products to Kyrgyzstan and the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia).
Moreover we provide Laws, Decrees, Resolutions, Rules and Legal Letters and Instructions issued by the Kyrgyzstan Federal government, Parliament, regional agencies and other bodies.  

Below is a list of some codes that we have in English. Regulatory library in English is currently the largest on the internet, with over 120,000 regulatory documents. We add, on average, 50-100 new documents monthly. Any major agency and any country of the former USSR is covered: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and many more.


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R 31.3.01-95 / Guide for the technological design of coastal structures, radio communication and navigation facilities of maritime transport. Ministry of Transport, DMT Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1995
R 31.3.02-98 / Recommendations for the design of marine port waterworks in seismic regions in the presence of bases on weak soil (Handbook to RD 31.31.55-93). Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1998
R 50.1.044-2003 / Recommendations for the development of technical regulations IUS 9-2003, IUS 2-2003 
R 50.1.046-2003 / Recommendations regarding the selection of forms and schemes of obligatory conformity assessment of products during development of technical regulations. Bulletin 12'2003
R 50-601-44-96 / Recommendations for standardization. Use of ISO 9000 in small enterprises. Kyrgyzstandard
RD 001 Kirg SSR-88 / Guidelines "Evaluation of the technical condition of bathroom fixtures of apartments during examination of the housing stock." Ministry of Communal Services of the Kirghiz SSR 08/15/1988.
RD 01-05-001 / Guidelines for the examination of the technical condition of elevators, used standard life. Ministry of Emergency Response of the Kyrgyz Republic Wc-108 23.03.2004. The Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic reg. №48-04
RD 14.20.185-94 / Instructions for design of urban electrical networks. To replace VSN 97-83. Ministry of Energy of Russia, 1994
RD 146-8-05-95 / Guidance document on metrology. Instructions. The procedure for preparation, training and certification of measuring instruments verification officers.
RD 153-34.2-21.545-2003 / Rules for field observations over the operation of concrete dams
RD 204 Kirg.SSR 08-89 / Instructions for the structure of calculation of economic efficiency of new technologies, innovations, inventions, and the manner of its execution. Ministry of Communal Services of the Kirghiz SSR 08/10/1989.
RD / Guidelines for technological design of seaports. Parts I and II. Ministry of Transport, DMT. Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1993
RD 31.3.05-97 / Norms of technological design of seaports. Ministry of Transport, DMT Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1997
RD 31.3.06-99 / Guidelines for inclusion of seismic effects in the design of marine waterworks of type "bulwark". JSC "DNIIMF" .1999
RD 31.3.3-97 / Guidelines on technical control of waterworks in maritime transport. Ministry of Transport, DMT Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1997
RD 31.30.13-89 / Standard of detailed design (project) for construction of a seaport. Ministry of Marine Fleet, Soyuzmorniiproekt 1989
RD 31.30.17-88 / Standard project for construction, expansion, reconstruction of the shipyard. Ministry of Marine Fleet, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1988
RD 31.31.15-88 / Norms of technological design of ship repair plants. Ministry of Transport, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1988
RD 31.31.27-81 / Guidelines for design of maritime mooring facilities. Ministry of Marine Fleet, Soyuzmorniiproekt 1981
RD 31.31.29-82 / Design manual for design of mud-cement bases and foundations for port facilities. Minmorflot. Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1982
RD 31.31.31-83 / Design Manual for design of berthing facilities for handling oversized and heavy cargo. Minmorflot, 1983
RD 31.31.36-85 / Recommendations for the design and technology of building protective structures by filling with a hard screen. Minmorflot. Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1965
RD 31.31.39-86 / Guidelines for design of pile piers and quays for construction in seismic areas. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1986
RD 31.31.43-86 / Guidelines for design of slope-berth and rear coupling of embankments, bridges, subject to intense wave action. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1986
RD / Instructions for the design of hydraulic structures of marine ferry crossings. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1987
RD 31.31.46-88 / Method of calculation and design of hard coatings for the territory of seaports. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1988
RD 31.31.47-88 / The design standards of marine channels. Ministry of Transport, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1988
RD 31.31.49-88 / Guidelines for design of foundations under the railway tracks of cranes and loaders made with prefabricated beams laid on the ground. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1988
RD 31.31.50-88 / Recommendations for the design and construction of coastal sailings and the formation of artificial territories by sea dredging. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1988
RD 31.31.54-92 / The list of buildings, premises and facilities of maritime transport with the type and class of explosion hazard zones. Minmorflot, Soyuemorniiproekt. 1992
RD / Instructions for the design of marine shore berthing facilities
RD 31.33.02-81 / Guidelines for determination of wind and wave conditions in the design of seaports. Minmorflot. Soyuzmorniiproekt. 1981
RD 31.35.01-80 / Guidelines for corrosion protection of marine port facilities designed for handling chemicals. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1980

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